Video Tutorials

Step-by-step crafting tutorials

Want to learn how to handcraft greeting cards? The tutorials by HanCrafted Cards can teach you card making techniques through our online videos. Watch our tutorials below whether you are in Oldbury or anywhere in the UK.

Create unique card wallets

Keeping your cards safe can be a difficult task. How about creating your own card wallet at home? This video will teach you how to create your portfolios and card wallets at reasonable prices. Watch our videos and subscribe to our channel to remain updated on our new videos.

Create a Mini Album from start to finish

Want a place for all your cherished pictures? This video series will teach you how to make a Mini Album from start to finish. Watch our video today, leave a comment and subscribe to our channel. Feel free to contact us if you have specific queries about our products.

Handcrafted cards at reasonable prices

Handcrafted cards are not only beautiful but are also known for conveying the message in a more personalised way than printed cards. HanCrafted Cards offers free online crafting tutorials for those who want to learn the craft at their own pace. Watch the videos below and feel free to contact Hannah if you need additional advice.
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